Matt Weber

The Urban Prisoner

Photographer Matt Weber’s first monograph. Ben Lifson, author of The Man in the Crowd: The Uneasy Streets of Garry Winogrand, among other works, provided an introduction. Weber first started taking photographs while working as a NYC taxi driver. He soon discovered that the idea of seeing something and recording it was really what he’d been doing all along, mentally framing shots as he drove around town on twelve hour shifts. Gradually his confidence began to build, and he began to see himself as a photographer with a taxi, rather than a cabbie with a camera.

“The book is a classic, Weber’s camera captures New York without pretense, and with love and attention to the small yet extremely significant moments in the life of a city that never stops. It reminds me of the movie MEAN STREETS by Martin Scorsese. The pictures say it all. They say it loud and clear. I love the street fighting pictures, the funny moments like the dog looking longingly into a club doorway, the Van Gogh sleeping under his own poster. Many of the images are rare, unique and one of a kind.”
–Donna Ferrato, Author of “Living with the Enemy”

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