UNCROPPED rediscovers the work of James Hamilton, one of the great chroniclers of the cultural history of America. For over four decades working as a staff photographer at publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Observer and most notably, The Village Voice, Hamilton captured some of the most remarkable people and stories of the last half century.

A New York legend himself, Hamilton created iconic images of musicians like Charles Mingus, Patti Smith, and Lou Reed, took intimate portraits of everyone from Liza Minnelli to Alfred Hitchcock, broke off to do set photography for George Romero, Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson, and pursued powerful and controversial assignments across the U.S. and the world. All the while he never stopped amassing a stunning chronicle of his beloved New York City in all its grit and glory. Hamilton’s story and vast archive offer a singular window into the heyday of alternative print media.

Featuring conversations with Wes Anderson, Joe Conason, Michael Daly, Kathy Dobie, Thulani Davis, Richard Goldstein, Alexandra Jacobs, Mark Jacobson, David Lee, Thurston Moore, Sylvia Plachy, Eva Prinz and Susan Vermazen.

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