[Breton, Andre and Tanguy, Yves]


Portfolio of twenty reproduction sheets of drawings by Tanguy and handwritten texts by Breton (front and back) on Canson colored paper. Series had been presented to Pierre Matisse and was not initially intended to be published. This faithful reproduction work (including pasted date labels) was completed as a facsimile on May 15, 1963 by Daniel Jacomet, Paris; 250 copies were produced. The first twenty-two justified in Roman numerals, include an autograph text by Andre Breton and an original drawing by Yves Tanguy. This copy number XLIX (does not include autograph text and original drawing). Portfolio housed in a hardcover slipcase. 11.5×9″. Fine with a few scratches and fading on the hardcover slipcase, interior pages clean. Bookseller Inventory # KC15830


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