September 2015

Costume & Fashion

Our first ever catalogue devoted entirely to costume and fashion, in celebration of New York Fashion Week!  Sixty-one items, spanning centuries, in a range of price points — including fashion photography, original design and illustration, as well as one-of-a-kind manuscripts and albums.  Highlights include a manuscript from the library of Cecil B. DeMille, a flapper’s photo album, real-photo postcards from the golden age of British theatre, original artwork from fin de siecle French magazines, and more!

Please download our big September issue here.

July 2015


Shown in random order, this catalogue of thirty-nine items includes books, photo albums, scrapbooks, manuscript travelogues, locations far-flung and little (or much) traversed, exploration, and a rare portrait of Christopher Columbus.

May 2015

Incunable and Early Printed Leaves

A short list of of 37 highlights from a collection of incunable and early printed leaves — please inquire if you’d like to see the full list of more than 100 items. Includes Koberger, the Bible, La Fontaine, man-eating fish, unicorns, and more.

May 2015

Albums & Books with Original Photographs

A short catalogue including — but not limited to — mugshots, American soldiers, African Americana, law students, modes of transport (cars, bikes, boats, burros), travelogues, fashion, flowers, orangutans, studio portraits, tennis, a selfie, and some silliness.

January 2015

Bibliography Week #4

Our annual miscellany in celebration of Bibliography Week!  This catalogue has everything from incunables to signed modern first editions, fine press limited editions, and one-of-a-kind manuscripts and albums.  Original artwork, flower and seaweed specimens, siege engines, and an unusual number of donkeys are presented in random order.  We hope you enjoy.

December 2014

A Catalogue for the Holidays

Gifts for the People You Love!  (Or, Books & Manuscripts for the Truly Deserving, YOU.)  A holiday catalogue featuring beautifully illustrated deluxe or limited editions, high spots, whimsy, something for the scholar, something for the foodie, something for the inebriate, and more.

November 2014

Art & Photography

Signed association copies from the library of Enrico Donati (1909-2008), an Italian-born American painter and sculptor, known for his works in Surrealism, Constructivism, and Abstract Expressionism — including Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Hans Richter, and others.  First editions by Man Ray and Robert Frank.  Books signed by Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Max Beckmann, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and many more.

October 2014

Manuscripts & Albums

An assortment of unique manuscripts and albums, including a presentation volume from the NYFD to a local vaudeville manager, a scrapbook of playing cards, original photographs and postcards, travelogues, jokes, royal history, calligraphic alphabets, botany, chemistry, cinema, costume, and much more.

January 2014

Bibliography Week #3

Another Sanctuary, well, “miscellany” – early printed books, never printed books (such as a manuscript weather diary, a medical dictionary, and hand-painted original postcards), fine press books, autographed books, and more. Our mix tapes are almost as good as our catalogues.

September 2013

One-Hundred and One Medical Books

Our usual blend of printed and manuscript material, with a focus on all things medical – including surgery, health, psychology, pharmacy, quackery, and more.

January 2013

Bibliography Week #2

Promiscuous examples of all things book. Items in print and in manuscript, from incunables to modern firsts. Includes a Dali doodle, signed first editions (Heminways, Faulkner, Garcia Marquez), and other high spots. Plus an illustrated manuscript of a Massachusetts Ladies’ Benevolent Society, postcards from Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller, joke manuscript newspapers with original cartoons, and a one-of-a-kind hand-made stereoscope of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin.

January 2012

Bibliography Week #1

The first in what we hope will become a tradition for us – Bibliography Week! This catalogue includes a letter signed by Bukowski (with a doodle), a history of playing cards, weird multi-headed dragons with boobs, and awesome chick fights. There’s also a medieval manuscript, an early Jewish bookplate, a rare festival book, Sigmund Freud’s first published paper, and a landmark edition of Homer by the Elzevir Press (to show we have a serious side, we swear).


A Personal Touch: Inscribed Books & Manuscripts, Letters and Albums

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