Jed Perl (intro.); Dan Wechsler (ed.);

Strange & Wonderful: An Informal Visual History of Manuscript Books and Albums

Brings together an amazingly diverse group of volumes produced over time without the aid of a printing press. Jed Perl, art critic at The New Republic, and author of a number of books, contributes a masterful introductory essay . 101 books are represented in full-color spreads, offering a survey of unique creations over a wide breadth of time, place and subject. From pre-Gutenberg manuscripts to contemporary one-of-a-kind artists’ books, the whole suggests the birth of a new classification of outsider art. Designed by Fabio Cutró. Edited and compiled by Dan Wechsler. Photographed … Read More

Matt Weber

The Urban Prisoner

Photographer Matt Weber ’s first monograph. Ben Lifson, author of The Man in the Crowd: The Uneasy Streets of Garry Winogrand, among other works, provided an introduction. Weber first started taking photographs while working as a NYC taxi driver. He soon discovered that the idea of seeing something and recording it was really what he’d been doing all along, mentally framing shots as he drove around town on twelve hour shifts. Gradually his confidence began to build, and he began to see himself as a photographer with a … Read More

Dorothy Linder

A Vegetable Collection: Recipes and Rhymes to Conquer Kids of All Ages

From the Author: Laurie Colwin, the well-know food writer, once surmised that at any given moment someone in the world is trying to coax a child to eat something he or she doesn’t feel like eating. In all likelihood, a you-know-what. Considering how prejudiced kids can be about vegetables, I may seem hopelessly naive, but I think this selection of vegetable dishes will appeal to the little ones, as well as the big ones, among you. If this doesn’t do it, perhaps The Great Zucchini and … Read More

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