Max Weber & Helaine Blum: An Archive of Original Art

Large archive of original art, sketches, studies and notebooks by Max Weber and Helaine Blum. The collection documents the working student-teacher relationship between the two artists — with many of the notebooks having been used in Weber’s lessons to Blum. The works by Weber, both sketches and finished, show his move from the abstraction prevalent in his early work to his later representational style. Blum’s work included here encompasses her lesson notebooks as well as sketches and studies used in preparation for her sculptural work. In addition, the collection includes 2 notebooks ascribed by Helaine Blum to George Grosz, and a large oil portrait by Blum’s daughter Maryann, as well as two books on art given by Weber to Blum; one with an intimate inscription, the other with his notes and extra-illustrated with original sketches.

Max Weber (1881-1961) immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 10. Like Blum, he travelled extensively before returning to New York to become integral to the Cubist movement in America. Helaine Blum (c. 1910-2010), was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to a wealthy family. She travelled extensively throughout Europe before finally selling in New York to focus on painting and sculpture, under the tutelage of Max Weber and William Zorach. Her relationship with Weber became particularly close – the two corresponded for decades on matters personal and professional, including their thoughts on art, creativity, travel, and social and religious issues (primarily Judaism). Blum enjoyed tremendous success as a sculptor, producing bronze busts of the great luminaries of her day, including Albert Einstein, Linus Pauling, Max Weber, and David Ben-Gurion.

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