March 2019

New York Antiquarian Book Fair 2019 Highlights

The New York International Antiquarian Book Fair is here again! Please join us at Booth D2, beginning Thursday, March 7, from 5-9pm. The show at the Park Avenue Armory @ 67th Street runs through Sunday March 10. Don’t miss out on this wonderful annual event and the greatest book fair in the world! Attached is our fair list – 100 items (none of which were in last year’s list of 100).

February 2019


As we approach the New York Book Fair, we are pleased to issue our first catalogue centered on material by and about Women. Items were selected over a wide range of prices and time periods, and we hope you enjoy. Our New York Fair List will be posted next week.

January 2019

Printed Americana

This selection of printed Americana contains 62 items. Highlights include a sammelband of 1864 Presidential Campaign documents, the extremely rare first New Hampshire printing of the United States Constitution, Thomas Paine’s Large Additions to Common Sense (Philadelphia 1776), several pre-revolution imprints, a rare Mexican imprint related to art and geometry, Colonial Currency, charming children’s primers, and much more!

January 2019

Manuscript Americana

This catalogue of manuscript Americana contains 52 items, over a wide expanse of subjects. Among the many highlights include an autograph manuscript copy of “Hail, Columbia,” an amazing magician’s notebook, an early American songbook, as well as a number of fine calligraphic albums and an unbelievably wacky diary. To be followed by a selection of printed Americana, coming soon!

July 2018


It’s a summer blockbuster! Gathered here is movie related material from stock, highlighted by the first 75 issues of the seminal avant-garde magazine, Film Culture. Books from the libraries of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Lauren Bacall are also featured. Additional sections include novels that made their way into the movie theater (many of these are inscribed), scholarly books, periodicals and more.

June 2018


We are pleased to present a selection of 20 emblem books from stock. Long collected and enjoyed for their visual charm, the illustrations in these volumes display an amazing variety of allegorical representation. The books are arranged in no particular order – much like the experience of leafing through a good emblem book, you never know what you’re going to see next. Printing dates range from 1551 to 1816, with French, English, German, Italian, and Dutch examples.

May 2018

20th Century Poetry

A range of forty items, spanning decades, price points and names including James Agee, Paul Auster, Josef Albers, Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Bowles, Blaise Cendrars, Gregory Corso, E. E. Cummings, William Faulkner, T.S. Eliot, Langston Hughes, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Rainer Maria Rilke, Patti Smith, John Updike, Paul Valery, Tennessee Williams and more – many of which are signed and inscribed.

March 2018

New York Antiquarian Book Fair 2018 Highlights

100 items selected from 10 subject areas: 20th Century Art, Architecture and Design; Photography; Modern Literature; Russian; Early Printed Books; Fête Books; Manuscript Books and Albums; Travel and Exploration; Philosophy and French Illustrated Books. Please stop by our booth at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair.

January 2018

Russian Rarities in Art, Architecture, Design & Literature

A bonus catalogue featuring 34 important works of the Russian Avant-garde and Constructivism. Major art, design and literary figures of the early twentieth-century are present such as Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexander Rodchenko, Valentina Kulagina, Gustav Klutsis, El Lissitzky, Ilya Selvinsky and Boris Pasternak. Highlights include A Game in Hell: A Poem (Igra v adu: Poema), one of the rarest works of the Russian Avant-garde, first issued in 1912, the first collaboration between Aleksei Kruchenykh and Velimir Khlebnikov.

January 2018

Avant-garde and Contemporary Art Books & Ephemera

This catalogue of Avant-garde and Contemporary Art Books & Ephemera includes more than 40 items, arranged in random order, and spanning important movements: Bauhaus, Czech avant-garde, Jugendstil, Surrealism, Dada, Futurism, Fluxus and the New York School. Highlights include works by Joan Miró, Kurt Schwitters, Jim Dine, Bruno Munari, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Motherwell, Josef Albers, Georges Hugnet and more.

February 2017

Gregory Corso

We are pleased to offer a private collection of Gregory Corso material. Corso was born in New York City (as Nunzio Corso) on March 26, 1930. He lived out a horribly difficult childhood, marked by abandonment, abuse, and homelessness, spent some years as a juvenile in prison for theft, before emerging as the youngest (and least celebrated) of the core four members of the Beat Generation – along with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs. He died in Minnesota on January 17, 2001.

October 2016


Almost all of the items in this catalogue come from a single private collection. Represented here is roughly 10% of that collection. If you would like to receive a link to the entirety of our Russian books in stock, please let us know. While one often hopes to find these books in fine condition, the reality is, many of them were not built to last, and surviving copies are often scarce in any condition. Thanks for having a look, and we hope you find something of interest.

October 2016


Too much candy, not enough books!  Well, you won’t hear kids saying that most likely, and I’ve never heard of anyone giving out books in lieu of candy on the annual trick or treat evening. But in the spirit of the holiday, we’ve gathered together an assortment of titles from stock appropriate to the themes of Halloween, and tried to price them reasonably. Included are a number of scarce books from the uncanny world of 19th century American spiritualism. The books on this list are not in any specific order; think of it as a lantern full of candy where you need to sift through and hunt for your favorite pieces. Special treat for the first to purchase an item from this catalogue.

April 2016

New York

In celebration of the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, we created a catalogue of 68 items devoted to The Five Boroughs, Our Town, The Big Apple.  A range of material, spanning decades and price points — including rare books, one-of-a-kind manuscripts and albums, manuscript and printed maps, photography, architecture, theater and film, drink, literature, and more.

If you’re at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, April 7-10, please come say hello to us in booth #D5.  For hours, location, and other information, click here.  There are also some shadow fairs nearby that you may want to investigate.

March 2016


More than 100 books and manuscripts on architecture, including more than 50 items offered at reduced prices.  Spanning decades, highlights include strikingly designed issues of “Wendingen,” edited by Dutch architect Hendricus Wijdeveld; numerous works by Serlio, Vignola, Vitruvius; and original drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright.

March 2016


This catalogue of original drawings and instructive books on art includes more than 30 items, arranged in random order, and spanning decades.  Highlights includes some lovely ladies drawn by Pierre-Louis Henri Grevedon, costume and fashion illustration from ancient times to the 20th century,  landscapes, cartoons, Japanese design, anatomical drawings, original pencil drawings by Phiz, and a weirdo (or two).

Download a copy here.

January 2016


Incunabula is defined by John Carter and Nicholas Barker (“ABC for Book Collectors”) as the Latin description of early books as printed in cunabulis (in the swaddling clothes) of the new-born art of printing, or, books printed before 1501.  Elegant, no?  Highlights include the first complete Theocritus, the first collected edition of the sermons of St. Augustine, Lyonese incunables with similar Sisteron provenance (and in very curious bindings), collections of inuncable leaves, and more.

December 2015

Words, Words, Words

Just in time for the holidays, we’re pleased to present a catalogue for wordsmiths — or the wordsmith in your life, who needs an awesome present — featuring rare books and manuscripts on language.  Includes dictionaries, primers, glossaries, lexicons, picture-book alphabets, and Shakespeare.  Forty-seven items, illustrated, spanning decades and price points.  Download it here.  Happy Holidays.

October 2015

Natural History

A selection of rare books and manuscripts on natural history, including unique specimen scrapbooks (seaweed, flowers, leaves, grass), original artwork, drugs, flying squirrels, fish, birds, bugs, horses, monkeys, and much more.  Fifty-five items, in random order.

Oh, there’s also an 18th-century engraving of poo.  For those of you who liked that on our instagram feed.

Download all of it here.

September 2015

Costume & Fashion

Our first ever catalogue devoted entirely to costume and fashion, in celebration of New York Fashion Week!  Sixty-one items, spanning centuries, in a range of price points — including fashion photography, original design and illustration, as well as one-of-a-kind manuscripts and albums.  Highlights include a manuscript from the library of Cecil B. DeMille, a flapper’s photo album, real-photo postcards from the golden age of British theatre, original artwork from fin de siecle French magazines, and more!

Please download our big September issue here.

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